Ashored was founded in 2018 by a team of 3 graduate students from Saint Mary’s University with the goal of addressing efficiency and sustainability issues in the lobster and crab fishing industries. By constantly engaging with fishermen and industry stakeholders, we have focused our development on solutions designed to make environmental protection a profitable endeavour for commercial ocean harvesters.


Aaron Stevenson

Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer
Aaron is a graduate of the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MTEI) at Saint Mary’s University and brings a wide range of leadership and senior management experience to the team. Aaron’s diverse background in start-ups, non-profits, and information technology, along with previous experience in aquaculture and marine mechanics, lends itself well to the challenges of building a successful company in a dynamic industry such as ocean technology. Aaron’s thought leadership on ghost fishing and gear innovation has helped Ashored grow and attract international attention and has valuable new partnerships.

Aaron is responsible for leading the overall development and growth of Ashored as a business, facilitating and prioritizing business activities, and building relations with investors, suppliers, and market influencers.

Ross Arsenault

Co-Founder | Chief Operating Officer
Ross is a graduate of the Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MTEI) programs at Saint Mary’s University. Ross is a problem solver at heart and has committed thousands of hours to honing this perspective through social enterprise development, consulting, market planning, and volunteer community engagement. For these efforts, Ross has been awarded the Top Student Entrepreneur in Canada (twice) for his work with Ashored.

Ross is responsible for growing/monitoring Ashored’s business capacity, facilitating new organizational practices, financial planning, coordinating and leading core business competencies, and the strategic development of the business model.

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Stephen Jones

Chief Business Development Officer
Stephen holds a Ph.D. in Physiology and Biophysics from Dalhousie University and an Executive MBA from the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University. For the past 20 years, Stephen has developed expertise in international business development, strategic alliances, partnerships and planning, project management and excellent customer relations. In 2014 Stephen was a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year in Atlantic Canada and 4Deep was placed on Deloitte’s prestigious top 50 companies to watch list.

Stephen is responsible for leading Ashored’s sales and market growth, facilitating sales and partnerships, exploring and developing new projects and business opportunities (for existing and future products), and building relationships with customer groups.

Andre Bezanson

Director of Engineering
Andre holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Dalhousie University. where he focused on the development of high-resolution ultrasonic endoscopes wherein he designed, fabricated, and analyzed ultrasonic acoustic devices and the electrical hardware required to drive them. During his degree, he obtained entrepreneurial experience while co-founding two startups; Daxsonics Ultrasound Inc, an engineering consulting firm specializing in the design and fabrication of ultrasonic devices, and Maritime bioLoggers, wherein he helped develop sensors for the study of marine wildlife. These sensors were then applied to the study and optimization of blood transportation systems under the brand of Motryx Inc. 

Andre is responsible for leading the overall design, development, testing, and prioritization of said activities within the company.

James Chittick

Product Designer

James is a graduate of both the Industrial Engineering Technology and Mechanical CAD Technician programs at Nova Scotia Community College. James is driven by and excels at building purpose into each of his designs.  James is always eager to get his hands wet working alongside partners to ensure no details are overlooked. James is responsible for product and mechanical design (CAD and physical), prototyping, and product testing.

Logan MacLean

Electronics Technologist

Logan is a graduate of NSCC’s Electronics Engineering Technician and Electronics Engineering Technologist programs. As a PEI native he has spent much time on and in the water, and wants to preserve our waters for both wildlife and fishers. Logan enjoys hands-on electronics assembly and associated problem solving. Logan is responsible for electronics design, assembly, and programming.

Alex Ross

Electronics Engineer

Alex is a graduate of the Computer Engineering program at the University of New Brunswick. Alex’s motivation stems from the desire to aid in the protection of our world’s ecosystems by creating sustainable solutions at a price point such that they can be shared with the world. Alex loves tackling new challenges and multidisciplinary problems and is always keen to learn something new to help him innovate. Alex is responsible for electronics leadership, design, assembly, and programming.