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Ashored Innovations develops sustainability-enabling technologies for the commercial fishing industry


Whale Entanglements

140,000 protected marine animals die entangled in fishing gear annually 

83 percent of the North Atlantic Right Whale population show scars from fishing gear entanglements

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Rope On Command Fishing

The current process for setting, tracking, and logging lobster and crab traps is inefficient and costly.

Ashored’s MOBI (Modular Ocean Based Instrument) coils and contains a fisher’s line on the ocean floor until they return to the area to collect the gear.

MOBIs are activated with an acoustic release (with a passive backup timer) and can be triggered to surface by an on-vessel MOBI Commander just as the vessel arrives back in the area of visual proximity.



Ashored’s underwater buoy/rope releases work with existing lobster/crab traps/trawl lines and allow for this gear to be activated via acoustics (or a backup timer) to the surface.

Once the buoy and connecting rope rise to the surface, fishermen can use existing onboard equipment and processes to retrieve the gear and prepare it for redeployment.



Ashored has also developed ATLAS, an intuitive suite of software and hardware that tracks the location, inventory, connection, and ownership of a user’s fishing gear. Super Tags, Smart Tags, and sensor arrays collect data and ATLAS+ software automates and displays this information in a convenient and actionable manner.

Blue Glove Certified

Since day one we have been working with the fishing community in understanding the process, designing our products to be used in real working conditions.

For example, can you operate the equipment using thick blue gloves?

Blue Glove Certified means we have asked these questions and ensured fishermen have been involved in all aspects of the design process.

What is Ashored?

Made IN Canada

All of our Whalesafe Fishing Gear is designed and manufactured in Canada.

We work with local fisherman in the design, testing, and implementation of our gear to ensure it meets their standards.


Our Story


Spring 2018 → Incorporation and first funding through Innovacorp and the Start-Up Yard

Summer 2018 → Team growth and early MOBI prototyping

Fall 2018 → Time-released MOBI prototyping and first official pilot project with fishermen

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